The Summer School will be hosted by the University of Pavia. Download the University brochure

On Monday 4th September and Saturday 9th September classes will be in Aula Scarpa, Palazzo Centrale.


From Tuesday 5th to Friday 8th classes will be in Aula del Caminetto, Palazzo San Tommaso, Piazza del Lino 1.


From Monday to Friday at lunch time, we will take our meals at Mensa Centrale, Corso Carlo Alberto 2, next to Palazzo Centrale.


The welcome party on Monday and the final lunch on Saturday will be in Cortile delle Magnolie, Palazzo Centrale.


On Friday we will have dinner at Ristorante Tre Torri, next to Mensa Fraccaro. The price per person is 25 euros, payable in cash by Thursday at noon. Enjoy reading the menu!

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